How to Stay Calm Among Chaos

By Dr. Mercola In 2015, 24 percent of U.S. adults reported experiencing extreme stress, according to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey.1 In addition, average reported stress levels increased over the last two years, with money, work, family responsibilities and personal health concerns rounding out the top sources of significant stress. Even barring any major stressful events like job loss, health problems or a death in the family, most people deal with stress day in and day out. It’s a fact of 21st-century life and one that can quickly derail your healthy habits and goals — if you let it. A Reminder on Why It’s Important to Stay Calm Although stress is often regarded as a psychological issue, stress is definitely not all in your head. Whenever the chaos that is life starts to get to you — maybe you missed your train this morning or are worrying about an unpaid bill — excess stress hormones are released, including cortisol, epinephrine and


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